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Why Google Local Search is an SEO Priority

Google has evolved. It came from a simple search and list platform to something that almost reads your mind. Anyone who was caught by surprise by the “Did you mean?” search tool, knows what it feels like to experience this evolution. Inside the think tank that is Google’s product development team there are people who […]

The Question Social Media Practitioners Should be Asking Themselves

Your participation in the digital economy goes a long way. If you, say, see a Twitter ad and opt to never see it again because it is not relevant or is offensive, then that is one less vote for the effectiveness of that ad. If 100 more people do that then the advertiser may start […]

The Viral Adventures of Githeriman and Other Stories

All it takes is a socio-political event to excite Kenyans into an online conversation. If you look at your Daily stream of Twitter trends, there is ample proof that the song remains the same for the average Kenyan Twitterati. If it’s not Ndaaani, then its Tibim. All it takes however is a cherry on top […]