5 SEO Misconceptions to Avoid When Marketing Your Website

Google’s algorithm keeps changing and that’s the root of many of the myths about SEO. Online marketers are always on the lookout for ways to rank their websites higher on most of the search engines. They create truths and half-truths on how to optimize a webpage, link building strategies and how to rank high on result pages. Some of these misconceptions include:

1. Meta tags and descriptions help a website rank

Some time back, this used to work but it doesn’t anymore. Well written meta tags will sometimes drive customers to click on your website but this has no effect on ranking. The meta description too has no effect on ranking although it may help drive customers to your website through search results.

2. Social Media is not needed for SEO rankings

Some industries can rank without the help of social media but, as a long term measure, they need to build a community of fans and people who like their products. Social media is now part of the ranking algorithm and having people talk about your products is a plus towards ranking on search engines.

3. SEO can be stopped when a site is fully optimized.

Full optimization of a website does not mean that you stop investing in SEO. This is because SEO requires effort and time in order to maintain high ranking. It’s an ongoing process. Constantly monitor and update your website to keep your website relevant and avoid a drop in rankings by engaging in both off page and on page optimization.

4. More backlinks lead to higher ranking

Quality (not quantity!) matters when search engines rank your website. Use trusted sites to link back to your website and help keep your rankings high. Backlinks should be available to your visitors on sites they constantly visit.

5. AdWords lead to high rankings

AdWords help put your website above organic searches on search engine results. SEO helps your website establish long term relationships with customers while AdWords bring out the short term relationship that could lead to a sale. Do not focus your energies on AdWords only as this will lead to loss of organic traffic to your website.
These are some of the most common misconceptions people have formulated about SEO. Using only accepted methods, white hat SEO, will help your website rank higher on search engine result pages.