Web Design

The Design Process

Our design process keeps the website's functionality at the top of our mission. With that we ask what the website will achieve, who it will target, how it will achieve what it is set to achieve.  To develop a satsfactory website, we approach the process in three steps:

  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Back-end web development

User Interface Design

In ten seconds most website visitors know whether a business is reliable or not from the way their website looks.

With our U.I web design approach we will make your website easy on the eye to immediately communicate what your firm is involved in and make your brand stand out. In this stage our choice of colour, spacing, font type, hierarchy and size will matter in order to communicate quickly to your customer.

User Experience Design

During the user experience stage we map out how different pages of your website will link to each other to make the accessibility for your customer easier. We also cut out long processes that can eat up your site visitor's time using efficient display algorithms. Every relevant tool that your customers will require is brought close at hand and made easy to use.

Web Development

The value of any website lies at the heart of its functionality. If you are looking for a website that gives huge return on value, we will add the right components in itt o make it effective to both you and your customer. These include search boxes, shopping interfaces and payment platforms as well as as functioning contact forms. All these components add value to your visitor's time on your website and consequently add value to your business.